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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?

  • Driving Directions:
    From Santa Fe, NM:Follow US-84 W/US Hwy 285 N and NM-68 N to NM-240 E in Ranchos de Taos follow Thru Taos to El Prado continue north on US 64 / HWY 522 for approximately 15 miles. Stables located on the left.
  • From Taos, NM: Travel north from Taos on US 64/NM 522.  Remain driving north for approximately 15 miles: you will pass a Carson National Forest sign, and a few minutes after that there is a sign for Cebolla Mesa and a blue metal bus stop on the right-hand side of the road, and a big Rio Grande Stables sign on the left. Turn there, ignore the “not suitable for passenger cars” sign. You’ll see our pull-in within seconds.
  • From Colorado Springs, CO:Follow I-25 S and US-160 W to CO-159 S in Costilla County. Continue on CO-159 S. Drive to 74 NM-522 S just south of Questa, NM. Stables will be on the right across from a blue bus stop.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • We have a strict 7-Day cancellation policy. A deposit in the amount of 50% of your total trip cost is required to hold your reservation. We do NOT keep any card information on file.

What should I wear?

  • Long pants & closed-toe shoes are a requirement to ride. The weather has the ability to change fast so be prepared and don’t be shy get your inner cowboy on! Jeans & boots are most highly recommended. Leggings do not hold grip in the saddle, and we also ride through rugged terrain so you want pants that offer you more protection! Tennis shoes are ok, but please no soft-soled or rubber shoes (crocs, water shoes, sandals).
    For sunny or warmer weather, we highly recommend lightweight long sleeves & bandanas. Cowboys don’t cover themselves up to look cool, they do it for sun protection. Save your tanning for the river. 🙂

What should I bring?

  • Water! Water, water, water. You need one liter of water per hour of riding in handheld bottles: you must be able to hold and drink your water while holding the reins while riding. No gallon jugs, CamelPaks, or backpacks. This is non-negotiable! Sunglasses & a hat: if you are 18+ & opting out of a riding helmet, wear a wide-brimmed hat! We recommend having a lightweight rainjacket on hand in case the afternoon blows in some rain!
    You can bring a treat for your horse too, they like things like apples and carrots.If you like your ride, kiss your horse and tip your guide! Our guides work hard to prepare a great ride for you, so gratuity is appreciated. You can bring cash or leave a tip on your credit card, or some of our wranglers have Venmo/Zelle.

Do we ride in rain or snow?

  • We ride rain or shine, but we do not ride in unsafe weather conditions (i.e. lightning) or on unsafe trail conditions. We encourage you to bring a rain jacket, but we do offer ponchos if needed.

Are helmets offered?

  • Yes, in fact anyone under the age of 16 is required to wear an equestrian style helmet. If you currently have an equestrian helmet, feel free to bring it if it makes you feel more comfortable. Personal equestrian helmets must be inspected and given the “OK” by one of our wranglers. Bike helmets are not allowed. If the rider is 16 or 17, the parent/guardian may choose if they must wear one or not. Helmets are optional to everybody 18+. If you choose not to wear a helmet, bring a hat for sure!! (One that fits snug on your head and won’t blow away! Horses don’t like flying objects)

Do we get to gallop?

  • For the safety of our guests and horses, our rides are only walking rides. It’s much more enjoyable to walk your horse on a scenic trail, anyway!

Is there a weight limit?

  • We do have a weight limit of 250 lbs. This is for the safety of the horse, as well as the rider.

Are backpacks allowed?

  • Nope! We do provide a satchel adequate for all of your goodies for your trail ride adventure.

Can my child ride on the same horse as me?

  • No. Under no circumstances do we allow this. Our trails are rocky and rugged. Please know each stables has it’s own specific age minimum.

Can I bring my camera?

  • Yes of course!! iPhones and handheld cameras are allowed. If you have a handheld camera (film, DSLR, etc), please have a strap on it so you can wear it cross-body. No drones are allowed.

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